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100 Kuhlmann Ave, Hatley WI 54440

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Rightway & Stratford Propane

Our History

 In 2001, Jack Nowinsky bought Rightway Propane from Cliff Schultz and started out as a one-man operation.  Jack answered all the phone calls, delivered all the gas and did all the paperwork.  During the first year of business, Jack delivered  an impressive 700,000 gallons of propane.  Rightway Propane's customer base steadily grew requiring Jack to bring on more help.

In addition to Jack and his wife, Amanda, Rightway Propane currently employs 5 delivery drivers, 1 semi transport driver and 3 office personnel.  In 2016, they delivered more than 3 million gallons of  propane to over 7,000 customers.

 In 2009, in response to the demand from the western portion of his delivery area, Jack started Stratford Propane. Founded on the same principle of hard work and great customer service, Stratford Propane has been a valuable addition. Stratford Propane currently shares drivers and office personnel with Rightway Propane, and delivers just over 1 million  gallons of propane to 1,000+ customers. 

In 2015, in order to better serve our customers, we added a third terminal in Hatley and purchased the Cox Auto building for our office. In an effort to make the office building "ours" we have since re-painted it and built a garage and lean-to for our delivery trucks.  Our new logo reflects both our Rightway and Stratford families.

As our delivery area continues to expand, it is important that we strive to be as efficient as possible.  To address turn around time and service our customers quicker, our latest endeavor was the recent purchase of a fourth terminal tank in Vesper.

Our Staff



 Jack Nowinsky

Jack and his wife, Amanda, live outside of Hatley with their five children. Jack is still completely hands-on, setting tanks, delivering fuel, and doing paperwork. Amanda helps out in the office.

Office Staff


Maya joined Rightway and Stratford Propane in October 2013 and is a tremendous help. Her excellent computer skills and hard work ethic enhance the office operations.


Lee has been with us since 2002. He is the official bookkeeper for the two companies and an indispensable liaison between the day to day operations and our year end accountant



Bobtail Delivery

Chuck, Dusty, Dave, Brian, and Tim

Semi Transport